Dutch invention can grow a forest in the desert

Dutch invention can grow a forest in the desert

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The operation of the Groasis Waterboxx has been demonstrated in different universities, agencies and surveys. You will find the results on different pages of the site Below you can see a summary of the most important reports.

Water, Life and Nature Project in Ecuador

The Water, Life and Nature project is a research project to develop a reforestation model for trees of economic and ecological interest. The project started in 2012 and is being very successful. Download the most important reports here:

- Result of plantation in the Chocolatera Ecuador, the most difficult place on Earth

- Results of fruit and timber trees in the Agua Vida Naturaleza Project Ecuador 2012

LIFE + The project for the reforestation of green deserts in Spain, subsidized by the European Community

The main objective of the Life + project is to demonstrate the viability and effectiveness of new tree planting techniques in desert, arid and rocky areas. Groasis' innovative technology is applied to restore the sponge function of degraded soils and reinforce the existing ability of the soil to support plant life.

- Results report from the University of Valladolid in Spain

- Life + report of the European Union

- Video: results of the Life + reforestation of Groasis Waterboxx in 7 extreme places in Spain

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Waterboxx microclimate effects

The Groasis Waterboxx has incredible effects on the microclimate. Extreme temperatures out of the box are transmitted in circumstances of growth stimulation rather than growth retention.

- The influence of the Groasis Waterboxx on temperature and relative humidity

- Report on the evaporation effect of the Groasis Waterboxx

Video: Planting the desert with Dubai Municipality using Groasis Technology to combat desertification (May 2022).