FDA Finally Admits Chicken Contains Cancer-Causing Arsenic

FDA Finally Admits Chicken Contains Cancer-Causing Arsenic

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Worse still, the FDA says its own research shows that arsenic added to chicken feed ends up in the meat humans eat. So for the past sixty years, American consumers who eat chicken have been consuming arsenic, a known carcinogenic chemical.

Even before this new study was published, both the poultry industry and the FDA denied that the arsenic they gave to chickens ended up concentrated in their meat. The excuse is that we have all been fed for sixty years and that arsenic is excreted in chicken feces. There was never a scientific basis for making such a claim; it was just what the poultry industry wanted everyone to believe. Now the evidence is so undeniable that the manufacturer of the chicken feed product known as Roxarsone has decided to remove the product from the shelves. Interestingly, the manufacturer that has been putting arsenic in chicken feed all these years is Pfizer, the same company that makes vaccines that contain chemicals that are injected into children.

Technically, the producers of Roxarsone are a subsidiary of Pfizer, called Alpharma LLC. Although Alpharma has agreed to remove the toxic dosage from the shelves in the United States, it says it will not necessarily remove it from chicken feed products sold in other countries (read developing countries), unless required by regulators to do so.

Scott Brown of the Veterinary Medicine Development division of Research and Pfizer Animal Health told news agencies that the company also sells this ingredient to a dozen other countries. He said Pfizer is trying to reach out to the regulatory authorities in those countries to decide whether to sell it individually.

But even though the truth has already come out, the FDA continues its denial campaign, claiming that the arsenic in chickens is at such a low level that it is still safe for consumption despite being a carcinogen.

The National Chicken Council agrees with the FDA. In a statement issued in response to the news of the recall of the Roxarsone they noted that chicken is safe to eat even admitting that arsenic is used in many hatcheries that sell chicken meat in the United States.

And apart from all this cocktail of arsenic, antibiotics, toxins and more, we must not forget the infinite cruelty in the production of chicken meat.

Think about it for a moment. If in industrialized countries that live regulated by rules, statutes, allusive laws and significant fines, chickens are still slaughtered with impunity, as seen in the attached video, what do you think happens in the slaughterhouses of informal Latin American countries where regulations do not are complied with and the laws are decorative? If the hygienic conditions in the slaughterhouses of the industrialized countries are discovered considerable sanitary infractions, what do you think happens in the Latin countries? What undesirable substances do you think accompany your favorite dish? Contaminated blood, feces, urine, guts, plus the other contaminants included by processing plant workers: cough, phlegm, mucus, blood, spit, and God knows what else concoctions will give your chick with potatoes a taste of the most special!

You don't have to be a genius to understand that you are poisoning yourself, by your own hand, gradually and dangerously. So, do something to avoid it right now! The decision is in your hands.

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Video: Arsenic in your chicken? (May 2022).