The Dominican boy who builds machines with recycled material

The Dominican boy who builds machines with recycled material

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The genius child is highly appreciated by all his neighbors, who apart from his great intelligence identify him as a kind and disciplined being.

The boy is in the seventh grade at the Basic School of Barrio Lindo, where he stands out for his great skills and discipline.

At the age of 9, he couldn't wait to become a man to make his dream of handling heavy machinery come true, he decided to build his own trucks, using his intelligence.

Cardboard, syringes and plastic hoses have served as raw material for the creation of authentic robots with recycled material, with which Jasuel spends all afternoon playing at being a driver of heavy machinery.

“Around here we live happy because everything that breaks down in our houses, Jasuel repairs quickly”, says his grandmother.

"In my free time I do my chores and then I dedicate myself to building things and repairing any other that is damaged."

His big dream is to become a manufacturer of heavy machinery so that he can buy a house for his grandmother.

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