80,000 Neuquén people begin to separate the garbage

80,000 Neuquén people begin to separate the garbage

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Achieving the incorporation of the waste separation system in homes will not be an easy task. First of all, it will be necessary to have a new space for a second garbage can, then learn what days Cliba will spend to collect the dry waste and what days it will spend the wet. The third step, perhaps the one that requires the most effort, is to be able to identify in which bin to throw away each of the waste generated by a family in their home.

The process will begin on January 1 and will be implemented progressively with a strong and massive information campaign, as reported from the capital city.

All that waste that can be reused, recycled, that is clean and dry goes to the dry bin. Waste that is dirty, impregnated with oils or liquids that cannot be processed and that are not recycled will go to the wet waste basket.

For example, a glass bottle that is not broken and is dry and clean will end up in a container, while broken glass will end up in a wet container where food remains will also be deposited, among other things.

Once the collection truck passes the homes, it will transport the bags to the environmental complex of the plateau, where the cooperative made up of former informal garbage workers will carry out a second selection on the conveyor belts.

Second separation

In the deposit, the waste that will be used on the one hand for feeding the biogas plant and on the other for the production of compus (only some waste reaches this stage) that will be used in the municipal nursery that will be used is separated. builds on the site of the environmental complex. Finally what remains of the collection goes to the landfill.

"As dry and wet waste are separated from the beginning of the process, the amount of garbage that will go to the landfill will be less, with the benefits that this entails in terms of a longer time to complete the cellars," explained the Secretary of Economy and Treasury, José Luis Artaza, on whom the Undersecretary of Concessioned Services depends.

All waste

The municipality will maintain the collection services for bulky waste, e-waste and used edible oil. Meanwhile, the Cliba-Tecsan company, the concessionaire of the complex that will begin to manage as of January 1, acquired a chipping machine that turns the remains of the pruning into chips.

The new environmental complex, located on the plateau, behind Colonia Nueva Esperanza, will have the capacity to separate and process 50 tons of waste per day and will employ between 35 and 40 people.

Black river

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