Buckwheat bread, gluten-free bread

Buckwheat bread, gluten-free bread

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But if this is not your case, here is the recipe:


500g buckwheat flour
500ml of warm water
1 dessert spoon of sea salt
1 dessert spoon of baker's yeast

How to do it:

1.- First we put the flour, salt and yeast in a bowl and mix well.

2.- Now we are adding the water little by little while we are stirring, until we obtain a semi-liquid paste.

3.- We put the mixture to rest for at least 2 hours,if it's cold, better be 3 hours

4.- Once the mixture has settled and grown, we turn on the oven to 200º heat up and down and we pass it to the mold that we are going to use to make the bread that we have previously buttered so that it does not stick (this step is not necessary in silicone molds).

5.- And baked at 200º for approximately 40 minutes. Once it is baked and you have checked that it is done using a knife to pierce it to the bottom and if it comes out dry it is already prepared, it is convenient to unmold it and put it to cool on a grill (it is worth the oven)

Today I had a craving for eggs benedictine (another day I put how they are made) so I made two bread rolls, the mold one has olives, carob flour(it's the one that gives it that dark color), flax seeds, chopped walnuts and sesame so a bread becomes a delicacy !!

Tricks and ways:

- Buckwheat is very capricious, so don't be discouraged if you can't make this recipe the first time. - You have to use baker's yeast, dry or fresh, if you use it fresh you should dissolve it in hot water and use more quantity, if dry we have 5g per envelope for fresh we need 20g.

- The yeast takes effect during the rest period, if it has not risen before cooking, practically nothing will rise, so it is better to use the dough to make something else, perhaps some crackers or cookies. And next time use another yeast or put the dough to rest in a warmer place.

- This bread is better to keep in the refrigerator so that it does not lose water, if you see that it becomes hard very soon what you can do is sprinkle it with warm water and give a heat stroke in the oven or microwave to the part that you are going to consume .

I like to be well

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