“Ecovuelta”: they deliver vegetable seeds when there are no coins

“Ecovuelta”: they deliver vegetable seeds when there are no coins

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A novel proposal given the lack of coins for the return, in Mendoza, merchants deliver vegetable seeds.

Can I give you some seeds?

It usually happens in shops that when there are not many coins to deliver change, candies or products of small value are given instead to complete the change.

Faced with this situation, Leandro Bompadre, A young man from Mendoza had a great idea to solve this problem, taking care of the environment. These are small envelopes containing vegetable seeds so that everyone can make their own garden at home.


The truth is that history tells that the currency as we know it today, had its origin in the use of seeds and animals for the exchange of products.

"The Ecovuelta is an ecological response to the lack of coins, they are envelopes with seeds that work like change," explained the young entrepreneur who currently has seeds of parsley, green onions, arugula and radishes, among other vegetables.

The envelopes have a brief indication on the back of how to sow the seeds“You have to take a good soil, put the seeds, cover them and water them. They come out quite easy, they take a few days ”, he explained.

The merchants have received the proposal very well and order 100 envelopes where he places the different varieties of vegetables.

The idea "It is being applied in various parts of Mendoza: Guaymallén, Luján, Godoy Cruz and in different areas, from bookstores, kiosks, bars, natural stores, dietetics, people who have their own business", he completed.

The venture began in February and leaves a very low profit margin but Leandro is convinced that his proposal is a good alternative to the lack of coins and finds motivation in the comments of those who joined his idea and in the support and help of his family.

Leandro studies Graphic Design at the National University of Cuyo (UNCuyo) and his career and the lifestyle he learned at home, helped him come up with this proposal. In my house we have organic garden and the truth is that I always liked it a lot, that's how I came up with Ecovuelta and the response has been very good. When I return to the stores that joined, they always return positive comments to me, ”said the young man.

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