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Incorporate ginger for a healthy diet

Incorporate ginger for a healthy diet

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Ginger is a tropical plant, native to India and Malaysia, which bears a certain resemblance to sugar cane. It has a pungent, spicy flavor and an intense aroma.

“Underground is a treasure of nature, full of nutrients, and with an unmistakable flavor and aroma. (…) Although it may look like a root or tuber, what we actually consume is the 'rhizome', a fleshy and rough stem of the plant, which grows underground, normally horizontally ”, highlights Dr. Ana Bellón, in ' Feed your health. The best tips from Saber Vivir (TVE) ’(The Sphere of Books).

Ginger is usually eaten fresh and is thus obtained in groceries, but it is also sold dried, for which it must be hydrated before use and in powder form, a version that is more concentrated.

It is used above all in pastries and in recipes to which you want to give a mild spicy touch. “In the kitchen it can be used both for the preparation of cakes, cakes and fruit preserves, as well as for the preparation of sauces and other condiments. It adapts to both sweet and delicate flavors, and strong and spicy ones. It is also an ingredient in numerous medications ”, indicate from the Spanish Nutrition Foundation in this regard.

Because it has such a strong flavor, Dr. Bellón warns that it should always be taken in small doses, although in return, it provides very few calories. "If it is taken in supplement form, in capsules, the recommended dose is 0.5-1 grams per day," he adds.

His properties

It can be a remedy for nausea in pregnancy, and also those caused by motion sickness. It can be taken in these cases half an hour before the trips in infusions, or as a fresh product, as advised.

In addition, Bellón highlights that ginger relieves pain and fatigue in athletes because it is a natural anti-inflammatory. "It has a substance,‘ gingerol, "which has great analgesic power and reduces inflammatory states. That is why it can be a good ally when suffering from chronic pain ”, adds the nutrition expert.

Precautions in its consumption

Although if consumed in moderation "it is a food full of health benefits", the specialist indicates that there are some people who should consult their doctor, as a precaution, before taking it. For example, it points out that children under 6 years of age, and those adults who are taking anticoagulant drugs, should avoid it becauseginger has vasodilatory properties, and can increase the risk of bleeding. For the same reason, he maintains that women with heavy bleeding during menstruation should not take it.

It also targets those who have gallbladder problems, as ginger increases bile production. “And although it reduces the level of glucose in the blood, for some people who take medication for diabetes, the consumption of this plant can be counterproductive. That is why it is necessary to always consult a doctor ”, Bellón sentence.

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Spanish Nutrition Foundation (FEN)

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