US Country Risk Rise

US Country Risk Rise

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By Andrés Ruggeri

If we are going to talk about a war, we must admit that this war began a long time ago, and that each episode of subjugation to the most disadvantaged peoples of the globe, whether through political or economic subjugation, or from the arrogant and patoteril military aggression of whoever she knows she is invincible, it is just one more chapter of the crescendo that is empowering her and making her more and more ruthless and unpredictable.

The reasons for a comfortable irrationality

The unusual attack on the symbol of the power of international finance capital unleashed shock and paranoia rarely seen since the end of the Cold War. Not because worse catastrophes or tragedies have been seen, but because this time, for the first time since World War II, it affected the civilized and powerful, and the most civilized and powerful of all: the American empire. The images transmitted by live television were, indeed, terrible, similar to the fantasies of hundreds of Hollywood movies, in which sinister evil terrorists or aliens threatened to destroy the world, or what is the same, the United States. Only this time the heroes of the CIA or the FBI failed to stop the aggression, or even detect it.

President George W. Bush was a long way from piloting the counterattack ships, as in the film "Independence Day." The Towers collapsed, thousands of people inside, half the Pentagon collapsed, and four airliners seemed to go crazy and swoop down on their targets with a few volunteer suicide bombers and a couple hundred unintentional suicide bombers. All this, in the country that was believed so invulnerable that it had the luxury of proposing an anti-missile shield against nations such as Iraq or North Korea, which can barely escape widespread famine.


Media 'analysts' around the world, beginning with our local experts, were quick not only to target irrational Islamic fundamentalists, but to sob about the 'new war' facing the world. " Western civilization "or, merely," humanity. " They wet the master's ear, and the footmen went into hysteria. Guys who in their lives were in the East or studied the subject, speak of the "cultural clash" between Islam and the West, or of the "psychology of the Arab terrorist", as if they were authorities on the matter. Many things are said and spoken that are like the hysterical screams of the phobic to rats when he sees the shadow of these. But it is necessary to stop the ball and discuss, at least, certain self-serving fallacies. We, those of us who have no master, much less that one, have that responsibility, which does not consist simply in turning the argument around. First of all, what war are we talking about? Why does a war start now, when the Yankee empire attacks the heart? Those who say that seem not to have considered the thousands of tons of bombs and missiles dropped in the last decade on Panama, Iraq, Yugoslavia, Sudan, Afghanistan, Palestine or Colombia, either by the North Americans directly or by their European or third world allies. Those killed in these bombings or "clean-up" operations would not be horrific or victims of terror, but, in reality, beneficiaries of humanitarian acts. The actions of the world police that emerged after the victory of NATO in the Cold War, begun by Bush Sr., continued by Clinton and intensified by Bush Jr., are the midwives of yesterday's attack.

These operations had and still have an imperial rationale that explains the alleged "irrationality" of the attack, beyond the identity or purposes of those who were its real authors. The action of terror unleashed on North American territory would not have been possible without the precedent of subjugation and daily humiliation to which entire peoples have been subjected for decades - or since the expansion of European capitalism began, if we are to look for the bottom of things - and more specifically, since the unipolar world hegemonized by the North American superpower is the only song admitted on this planet.

If we are going to talk about a war, we must admit that this war began a long time ago, and that each episode of subjugation to the most disadvantaged peoples of the globe, whether through political or economic subjugation, or from the arrogant and patoteril military aggression of whoever she knows she is invincible, it is just one more chapter of the crescendo that is empowering her and making her more and more ruthless and unpredictable. The apparent irrationality becomes intelligible in this context in which the New World Order shows its savagery in its omnipotence, and any reaction is possible if it is feasible to be carried out. The "irrationality" of this September 11 (less irrational than the same date in 1973) consists in that the nucleus of the Yankee hyperfortress was violated by an enemy that was certainly much weaker, but capable of striking the unthinkable. If there is a new era, a before and after, as the media rattle, we only find it in that the numerous blows were, for the first time, forcefully returned.

This, however, does not lead us to conclude that the United States is weak. Possibly one of the immediate consequences of such events is, first of all, greater impunity for attacking targets in an indeterminate number of countries that give "refuge to terrorists", be it real or invented, to give carte blanche to the CIA, the US Armed Forces and NATO to advance on any potential or actual enemy, and to further radicalize the already ultra-reactionary foreign policy of the current Bush administration. And just as many, perhaps most, of the victims of the attacks in the United States are unfortunate workers (more than the financiers, usurers, bankers and the military who own or occupy the whites), with all certainty the new victims are going to be the populations of the Third World countries that unleash the fury of the imperial system. All of which does not modify in any way the confrontational panorama that exists in Latin America from Plan Colombia and its expansion in military exercises and continental pressures, intensified since Bush came to power. On the contrary, it consolidates it. The possibilities of "preventive" blows against any enemy of US politics and its indispensable allies of the ruling classes of our countries increase. The infuriated and offended giant has enough pretexts to deliver indiscriminate blows and in any direction. Your partners too.


Another stupidity that is repeated with impunity is that of culture shock, in which the civilized and powerful West pays the price for confronting the ancient and incomprehensible East. This supposedly comprehensive approach, starts from the fact of recognizing that the dominance of the West, logical, has the undesirable and inevitable consequence of unleashing the fanatical and savage reaction of the archaic cultures that fall under its dominance. Irrationality passes from individual behavior to collective cultural behavior, expressed in Islamic religious fanaticism at its peak. In reality, the only thing that provokes such reflections and so much pretense of anthropological understanding is the fact apparently contrary to the western logic of warrior suicide. The suicide is irrational because he sacrifices his life in exchange for going to the Muslim paradise. However, this is not what is frightening, but the suicide is unstoppable because he is willing to pay the maximum cost, his own life, in exchange for achieving his objectives, and because thus his destructive potentiality increases geometrically. For a system where individual profit is the highest, this is absolutely irrational behavior. But how strange is this behavior to Western culture? What differentiates the Islamic suicide fighter from the European soldiers who came out of their trenches to put bodies to machine gun bullets and cannons in World War I, or from the thousands of war heroes who received posthumous medals in all Western armies? ? Our sergeant Cabral, who gave his life so that San Martín could continue living, as the little story of the primary school says, or the Colombian hitmen who kill in exchange for money for their mother, knowing that they will die on the spot, or the cold British of the famous charge of the light cavalry in Balaklava, as well as innumerable protagonists of recent war episodes and not so much, were not Muslim fanatics, but Western rationalists who sacrificed themselves calculatedly for dissimilar reasons, of which military discipline or the interest of social groups that contain them are the most frequent. The religious fanaticism of the suicide bombers is the context that legitimizes their sacrifice, but their motives not too hidden, before that, evident, they are deeply political. The apparent irrationality becomes an act of cold and stark lucidity if we take into account the absolute economy of resources that this type of attack represents, where life itself occupies a lesser place within a framework to which it is subordinated. Irrationality must be sought in a system that does not hesitate to exploit entire towns without taking into account any other limit than the preservation of their benefits, which can destroy cities, denounce environmental protection treaties that were already insufficient, murder from a distance and subject millions of people to misery and hunger, all in the name of freedom. You hear and read in these hours that the history of humanity has changed, as if this were worse than Hiroshima and Nagasaki, or the two million Vietnamese killed during the US intervention, or the one hundred thousand Iraqis destroyed by "smart missiles." "and" surgical. Obviously, only the geographical location of the tragedy changed.

This time it was their turn too. However, some enthusiasts for whom this is not a tragedy because its victims live in the dominant country, experience the fact that the attacked places are symbols or residence of the US economic and military power as a blow to capitalism. If the Morgan Stanley offices collapsed next to the twin towers, the capitals and businesses that pass through its hands remain: the only ones that disappeared were its 3,500 employees and tons of masonry. Capitalism is a system, not a collection of buildings.

That is, in our view, the context in which the events that shocked the world from its very center are inscribed. An era that began long ago is, at last, evident to the eyes of many, and especially to the population of the United States, accustomed to thinking that their problems are the only ones that exist, and forced to realize that the economic and Politics that they sustain with their passivity, complacency, complicity or active participation, has oppressive results for the despised rest of the world, results that they have in view, for the first time, in a forceful way and in their own flesh. For now, the immediate aftermath will be an escalation of military and police operations against all those who in some way oppose the absolute primacy of the one world regime. Bin Laden is, in this sense, a comfortable enemy, similar to the evil ones in cartoons, sinister and ugly, and with a great quality: he can be in the most unlikely places, something extremely opportune for those who want the freedom to use the force where you want, when you want and how you want.

Andrés Ruggeri [email protected]

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