Finger on the sore - Professions of Disaster

Finger on the sore - Professions of Disaster

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By Hernán Pérez Zapata

With the FTAA-FTA, the most serious historical disasters come upon the nation, work, production and self-sufficient food security in our country.A growing number of Colombians are placed among the so-called "Prophets of Disaster" for persistence in denouncing the serious consequences for Colombia and the rest of the oppressed countries of the continent, the link to the FTAA and / or FTA, imposed by the United States. and endorsed by the IMF and the WTO and the governments of the day.

The hundreds of debates in forums, conferences, congresses and meetings with the most dissimilar sectors of society, held in 2003, allow us to conclude that there are more and more arguments to denounce the announced disaster. Every time, a greater number of organizations, union leaders, popular, intellectuals and opinion-makers on the subject are more aware that with the FTAA-FTA, the most serious historical disasters are coming on the nation, work, production and the self-sufficient food security of our country. The formation of the Colombian Network for action against the FTAA-FTA, RECALCA, confirms this.

Next year, the discussion has to deepen. E.U. it demands that by the end of 2004 the governments of the continent will have to sign the treaties it proposes. That the parliaments will have to approve them in 2005 so that they enter into full force on January 1, 2006.

The contents of the impositions are an extension of NAFTA (NAFTA) that is implemented between the United States. and its neighbors Canada and Mexico since 1994. The only beneficiary has been the United States, its Government and its transnationals.

It has already signed Agreements with Chile and 4 Central American countries. The alleged agreements with the CAN begin next March, starting with Colombia and Peru, to pressure the accession of Ecuador and Bolivia. American recolonization spreads.

Mercosur and the CAN have already signed a more limited free trade agreement. However, commitments persist for the FTAA to be signed by the end of 2004, based on declarations signed by US Presidents George Bush. and Luis Ignasio Lula from Brazil, who preside over the coordination of the FTAA.

If neoliberal policies have been so disastrous for the peoples of the continent and the world, in the last 13 years, why do they persist in deepening these free market policies with the FTAA and FTAs?

Two reasons contribute to the debate. The first is the crisis of overproduction and excess capital in the United States. that they have nowhere to place and that cause their current crisis. To defend their interests, the policy announced by Bush since his inauguration on January 20, 2000 is imposed to promote "Two central objectives of my administration: to strengthen the military apparatus and expand markets", that is, to promote Yugoslavian-type invasion wars, Afghanistan, Iraq ... and impose free trade agreements on the countries of the continent and the world.

The second reason is provided by Professor James Petras of the University of New York with his statements: "Between 1990 and 2002, the golden age of neoliberalism, banks and transnationals obtained ONE TRILLION DOLLARS in profits, interest on debt and royalties from Latin America. The elite of the aforementioned region expanded US $ 900,000 million through the mediation of international banks "

"The poverty and stagnation of Latin America is due to the concentration and centralization of wealth and the expansion of the United States ... The FTAA is the necessary continuation of the free market ... it establishes an institutional, legal and formal basis for the absolute absorption of resources, savings, market and commerce of Latin American companies… .replaces local executive and legislative bodies subject to popular influence… with unelected delegates who will be under the direction of the US departments of the treasury and commerce that will supervise and formalize the policies aimed at greater penetration of the E: U ... protect their companies from any competition at the expense of their rivals in the European Union and Asia "

May the new year be one of greater civilized and democratic resistance against the disaster that is being announced.

* By Hernán Pérez Zapata
President of the Colombian Association of Agricultural Engineers, ACIA.

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