Tell me about another world. Alternative paths. Documentary film

Tell me about another world. Alternative paths. Documentary film

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That the world is "upside down" we already know ...
What other world is possible ...? We will try!
Several stories in which its protagonists tell us how they have opened alternative paths to transform this reality through the proposal, creating local alternatives with democratic, ecological and solidarity criteria.

What is supposed to be a utopia, today forms his day to day. This is not a story ... It is the world that we carry inside.

They intervene:
Cooperativa "Del Campo a Casa", Cooperativa "Rebelión en la Huerta", Central Piurana de Cafetaleros (CEPICAFE), Fair Trade Commission of the Aragonese Federation of Solidarity, Group "La Veloz" Cooperative Society, Network of Alternative and Solidarity Economy of Aragon (REAS), "El Esqueje" Cooperativa (Bar "Birosta"), Free Time Center "El Trébol", Psychosocial Rehabilitation Center "Parque Delicias", Solidarity Financing Association and Cooperative of Financial Services COOP57 Aragón.

Direction: Susana Ortega Díaz
Coordination and advice: José Manuel Fandos and Javier Estella Rabal.
Technical team: Eva Esteban Pina, Charo de la Varga
Sánchez, Pedro Paredes Arpa, Lucas Rubio Albizu and Carlos Carvajal Polo.
Illustrations and cover design: David Núñez Carabantes.
Music: Emilio Perdices Villanueva. Final song with lyrics and voice by Pepa and guitar by Sergio Segura.
Narrator: Lourdes Azón Belarre.
Duration: 42 minutes.
Year: 2007-2008.

Made in the II Social Documentary Course. Joaquín Roncal Center (Zaragoza) with the collaboration of REAS Aragón and COOP 57 Aragón.

Video: David Deutschs The Beginning of Infinity Ch 17 Unsustainable Pt 1 (June 2022).


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